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Why Invest with CMI?

With more than $1 Billion+ in successful mortgage placements, CMI Mortgage Investments is one of Canada’s fastest-growing non-bank financial services providers. CMI’s industry-leading whole mortgage investment program provides direct exposure to Canada’s residential mortgage market.

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                  CMI – Canada’s preferred partner for quality mortgage investments

                  CMI Mortgage Investments is an award-winning leader in the mortgage investing space, offering short-term mortgage investments, secured by real estate, in either a first or second position.

                  Our entire investment process is focused on capital preservation while also providing competitive yields to our investors. We’ve developed a rigorous and thorough investment process designed to deliver attractive returns to investors looking for an alternative to traditional fixed income investments.

                  Our strength lies in our vast mortgage industry experience, access to high quality mortgages from across the country and our knowledgeable and professional management team. With close to $675 million in mortgages under administration and over $1 billion in private mortgages issued to date, CMI is one of Canada’s fasted growing alternative lenders and a trusted partner to many Canadian investors.

                  A strategic approach to mortgage investing

                  Our investment approach is based on four key pillars:


                  Security-backed investments and capital preservation

                  • We focus on lower risk, residential mortgages in historically stable and strong real estate markets across Canada.
                  • Our management team has over 100 years of combined experience in the mortgage industry with a thorough understanding of the risks, processes and regulations related to mortgage lending.
                  • A comprehensive due diligence process utilizes our highly experienced and knowledgeable underwriting team, which has resulted in a loan loss rate of less than 1% since inception.
                  • We offer lower loan-to-value ratios for added security and reduced risk.

                  Rigorous due diligence process

                  • We offer investors a full-service investment solution. We not only source, analyze and underwrite our mortgages but also actively manage them and the real estate assets for the duration of the investment.
                  • After closing, our mortgages are serviced and administered by our in-house team at CMI Mortgage Services, a Mortgage Administrator licensed under the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRAO).
                  • We incorporate strict appraisal criteria to help ensure that we are funding only high-quality mortgages and that the valuations for these properties are reasonable, accurate and conservative, thus minimizing the risk and volatility for investors.

                  Strong, consistent returns

                  • We focus on real estate markets that have sound economic fundamentals.
                  • Since 2005, we’ve originated over $1 billion in mortgages, which provide predictable returns ranging from 6–16% and a steady monthly cash flow.
                  • Our mortgage investments provide both new and knowledgeable investors with the opportunity to participate in the real estate market and achieve attractive investment returns while minimizing risk

                  Flexibility and selection

                  • We offer a broad and diverse range of mortgage investment opportunities that vary across geography, amount, duration, borrower type, rate of return and more.
                  • Investors receive a curated selection of investment opportunities designed to fit their unique investor profile. You choose how much you wish to invest and where.

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