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CMI Mortgage Investments A new class of investing

CMI Mortgage Investments is an industry-leading whole mortgage investment program, providing direct exposure to Canada’s residential mortgage market. Investments are backed by the security of real estate, with properties that are appraised extensively to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality.

A mortgage investment program. Tailored specifically for you.

Over $2 billion in Mortgage Investments
6% to 16% Annualized Return
2,755 Active Mortgages
$780 Million in Assets Under Administration

A mortgage investment program. Tailored specifically for you.

The CMI Mortgage Investments Program provides high net-worth investors with a custom mortgage investment solution that’s specifically tailored to the unique investor profile and risk profile of each investor. Our unique mortgage matching process, ensures that investors will receive only those investment opportunities that are best suited to them. It is this active and personalized approach that differentiates us from other direct mortgage investment companies – delivering a superior experience to our investors.

Maximize returns.
Minimize risk.
Without the volatility.

Today’s investor can no longer rely on traditional portfolio strategies to effectively manage the risk and reward trade-off. The ongoing market volatility in equities and fixed income yields make it more difficult to generate the returns necessary to outpace inflation. As a result, people are increasingly turning to alternative investments in traditionally strong asset classes, like real estate, to generate appreciable yields.

CMI Mortgage Investments offers a wide range of alternative mortgage investments with competitive returns that can be attractive additions to your fixed income portfolio. These mortgage investments offer predictable returns and regular cash flow without the lower interest rates of government bonds or the added risk of other products. Plus, as these investments are not correlated to the stock market, you avoid the inherent volatility associated with public markets.

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                  What is a mortgage investment program?

                  Funding Individual Mortgages

                  A mortgage investment program is a way for high net-worth investors to participate in the Canadian real estate market by funding individual mortgages that have been carefully vetted by a private lender, such as CMI. This allows investors to bypass the hassle of owning or managing a property directly.

                  Invest in High Quality

                  Borrowers who have trouble getting a mortgage from a more traditional source, such as a bank, often turn to private lenders, who provide funding at higher interest rates and fees. This gives investors like you the opportunity to invest in high quality private mortgages that can deliver higher yields and predictable monthly cash flow.

                  Our Process

                  Our knowledgeable team of mortgage professionals carefully sources, selects, analyzes and underwrites all mortgages, ensuring each one meets our exacting lending standards. All mortgage investments are also backed by collateralized real estate for added principal protection. Once these mortgages pass our stringent standards, they are available for funding. Our experienced Investment Managers will then share these investment opportunities with you, using our unique Mortgage Matching Process.

                  A transparent and personalized investment process

                  Because of our commitment to honesty, integrity and transparency in all that we do, CMI has become a preferred provider of mortgage investments to Canadian investors.

                  All investors receive full disclosure about our investment process, mortgage management and lending practices, as well as our procedures for sourcing and adjudicating mortgage assets. You’ll also receive a comprehensive due diligence package on every mortgage investment you participate in, which includes full financial terms, risk/return assessment and the borrower profile.

                  With historical loan losses at less than 1% since inception, CMI’s mortgage investment program delivers a high quality, lower risk investment opportunity for you.

                  Our personalized mortgage matching process provides you with a customized solution which only offers mortgage investments that are aligned with your investment objectives.

                  Learn more about our unique process

                  Is a mortgage investment program right for you?

                  Investing in mortgages is a proven way to hedge against traditional market cycles while adding appreciable returns and asset diversification to your portfolio. These investments are backed by the real estate itself along with the mortgage collateral security, helping to further reduce the risk of the underlying asset.

                  The properties we finance are professionally appraised and our borrowers undergo an extensive qualification process. Our mortgages are especially attractive to high-net worth investors who are looking to diversify their investment portfolios away from traditional asset classes with their instability, volatility and continuing low yields on fixed income products.

                  CMI Mortgage Investments Program requires a larger cash outlay simply because you’re funding the entire mortgage transaction for a given borrower. As a result, this type of investment is best suited to higher net-worth investors who have a larger amount of liquid financial assets, anywhere from $500,000 – $1,000,000 and who meet the qualifications of Accredited Investor status.

                  Get started today

                  Our knowledgeable Investment Managers would be happy to answer any questions you have to help you get started with mortgage investing. Set up your custom investment profile today – and start receiving investment opportunities that can deliver attractive, predictable returns and monthly cash flow.

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