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Mortgage Matching Process

Through CMI’s unique mortgage matching process we are capable of personalizing each individual investment opportunity to suit the investment objectives of investors. CMI thoroughly reviews investor preferences to ensure we pair you with the right mortgage that suits your investment goals.

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                  A personalized approach to mortgage investing

                  Finding the right investment opportunity can be daunting. But at CMI Mortgage Investments, we do all the work for you, including sourcing, underwriting and delivering customized mortgage investment opportunities directly to you. Each investment is in a single, stand-alone mortgage product.

                  You can diversify your portfolio by selecting and investing in multiple mortgage investments with us. Choose from investing directly in one of our single mortgage investments or in one of our portfolio solutions with our CMI Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) Funds.

                  Investment opportunities curated just for you

                  As one of Canada’s leading private lenders, we work with thousands of mortgage brokers across the country to find the best and widest array of private lending deals to present to our investors. Our top priority is to provide you with options that match your unique investor profile.

                  We utilize CMI’s proprietary Mortgage Matching Process to select and send you only those opportunities that best fit your investment objectives and risk profile. If an investment doesn’t align with your investor profile, we won’t send it to you – it’s as simple as that.

                  You’ll get to pick from these select opportunities, after which they will be released to other investors. All you have to do is review the prepackaged opportunity and decide if it meets your needs. That’s how we add value for our investors – by delivering mortgage investment opportunities to you that are customized and completely aligned with your investment objectives, risk tolerance and available capital.

                  A rigorous due diligence process

                  All our mortgage investment opportunities go through a rigorous sourcing and due diligence process. Each and every mortgage application that we present to our investors has been carefully scrutinized and thoroughly reviewed and analyzed as part of our stringent underwriting and risk management process.

                  To ensure the accuracy of property valuations, we only use a select group of highly qualified professional appraisers. These appraisers are provided with specific guidelines that ensures the values they provide are accurate, conservative and unbiased.

                  Simply put, we want to minimize your investment risk in order to protect your capital. You benefit from the ongoing oversight provided by our experienced management team, whose primary role is to ensure that the underlying mortgage assets for your investments remain in good standing.

                  Our goal is to ensure that the mortgage investment opportunities we present safeguard your financial well-being while also enabling you to grow your investment nest egg. We’re committed to providing you with a viable short-term investment alternative to traditional cash, bonds or other fixed income products that will deliver attractive returns.

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                  Ongoing support and management of your investment

                  All our investors work with a dedicated Investment Manager, who will be your point of contact whenever you deal with us. Your Investment Manager will personally guide you through our 8-step investment process.

                  Once you’ve funded your investment, our knowledgeable and experienced administrative team at CMI Mortgage Services will manage your mortgages for you. This would include any potential NSFs, insurance cancellations, mortgage defaults and enforcements, renewals, discharges, and any unforeseen events that may come up during the term of the mortgage.

                  You can rest assured that your investment is carefully monitored and managed throughout the course of the investment period.

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