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Mortgage investments and Private Lending

As a private lender, CMI offers Canadians the ability to invest in high quality Canadian residential mortgage investments – one of the fastest growth trends among high net-worth investors and the ultra-wealthy due to their attractive return potential, low correlation to stock markets and a good balance of risk and return.

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                  What is a private lender?

                  A private lender provides mortgage funding to a single borrower who is unable to obtain financing through more traditional lenders, like the banks and credit unions due to a variety of circumstances. These mortgages are usually offered at a higher interest rate along with some related fees, making them an attractive investment opportunity – and one that also offers the added security of collateralized real estate.

                  Investors in our mortgage investment program can be an individual or a small syndication of individuals who pool their money to fund a single mortgage transaction. Through CMI, Canadian investors can gain access to Canada’s historically strong real estate market without the hassle of direct home ownership.

                  Diversify your fixed income investments with mortgages

                  CMI Mortgage Investments helps both new and experienced investors find the right mortgage investment that meets their unique investment objectives and can deliver attractive returns. As one of the fastest growing alternative lenders in Canada, we’ve helped thousands of investors find a mortgage investment that’s best suited to their unique needs.

                  As a CMI investor, you’ll benefit from:

                  A curated selection of attractive investment opportunities

                  We’ll identify and send you carefully chosen mortgage investment opportunities that are uniquely suited to your specific investment objectives and risk tolerance. Our distinct Mortgage Matching Process ensures you receive only those opportunities that match your unique investor profile. You’ll get to choose if this investment is right for you – there’s no need to keep checking back with us or battle with other investors.

                  Rigorous due diligence and asset management process

                  Each and every mortgage application that we present to you has been carefully scrutinized and thoroughly reviewed as part of our stringent underwriting process. Risk and fraud management are essential cornerstones of our funding formula. We partner with leading law firms across the country to produce the legal documentation for a faster and more efficient closing process. After closing, all our mortgages are serviced and administered by CMI Mortgage Services, a Mortgage Administrator licensed under the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRAO), enabling us to offer a full-service solution in-house to all our investors.

                  Why invest with CMI?

                  We want to make mortgage investing straightforward and worry-free. Our goal is to ensure that the investment opportunities we present to you offer an attractive alternative to short-term cash or bond investments while offering you attractive returns.

                  Investing in our mortgage investments program is easier than you think

                  At CMI Mortgage Investments, we focus on maximizing results for our investors while making mortgage investing easy, safer and worry-free. That’s why we’ve developed a simple eight-step process that guides you through the journey of investing in our mortgage investments program.

                  • 1Request a consultation with one of our experienced Investment Managers.
                  • 2Set up an account and create your investor profile (Know Your Client – KYC Form).
                  • 3Wait for us to contact you with a mortgage investment opportunity personalized to your needs. You’ll have 4-6 hours to review/accept the opportunity before it’s then shared with other potential investors.
                  • 4When you see an investment that you’re interested in, sign the documentation to accept it.
                  • 5Fund your investment.
                  • 6Once the deal closes and the legal process is complete, you will receive a reporting package.
                  • 7Benefit from a steady stream of interest payments.
                  • 860 days prior to maturity, our renewal team will review the mortgage to determine whether or not to renew it (for the majority of our mortgage investments, we recommend a renewal).

                  If you’ve ever thought about investing in a private mortgage, now’s the time to find out more. Contact one of our experienced Investment Managers today.

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                  The CMI Difference

                  We strive for excellence and pride ourselves in developing long-term relationships with our investors, many of whom have completed multiple investments with us over the years and reaped the rewards of mortgage investing. Our top priority is to make sure we provide you with the right investment opportunities that match your risk tolerance and investment objectives, and which also deliver higher yields for your portfolio.

                  Discover the many advantages of working with Canada’s fasted growing mortgage investments’ provider.

                  Save time and minimize the hassle.

                  We will do all the work for you, including sourcing, underwriting and then delivering mortgage investment opportunities directly to you. All you need to do is review the package you receive and decide if it’s a fit for your investment objectives and risk tolerance.

                  Rigorous due diligence process.

                  Each investment opportunity we create is carefully scrutinized, undergoing a thorough review and underwriting process to safeguard your investments. Property valuations are provided by a select group of highly-qualified professional appraisers, who ensure the values they provide are accurate, conservative and unbiased.

                  Professionally managed.

                  Our experienced in-house mortgage servicing team is responsible for all facets of the management of the mortgage asset. They will monitor your mortgage investment to ensure that it remains in good standing, relieving you of the burden and effort of managing it yourself.

                  Exceptional service.

                  Your Investment Manager will look for deals that fit your unique investor profile and will share them with you as soon as they become available. Once you’ve decided to invest, they’ll guide you through the process of completing your investment and be there to answer any questions you may have.
                  Monthly income stream. Enjoy the regular cash flow that comes from the monthly payments provided by the borrower.

                  High volume with a variety of investment opportunities.

                  Our corporate strength and national presence give us access to a large volume and wide variety of high-quality mortgage investment opportunities - at all levels of risk, return, location, amount and duration. This allows us to provide our investors with the widest array of mortgage investment opportunities possible from across Canada.

                  Join thousands of successful Canadian investors. Contact one of our Investment Managers for a free consultation today.

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