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Mortgage Investing for
Health Care Professionals in Canada

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                  Mortgage Investing in Canada

                  You work tirelessly to contribute to the health and well-being of Canadians. Let us do the same for your portfolio. Explore mortgage investing with CMI today.

                  With more than $1.5 Billion in successful mortgage placements, CMI Mortgage Investments is one of Canada’s fastest-growing non-bank financial services providers.



                  $1.5 Billion+
                  Mortgage Investments

                  Annual Return

                  Loss Ratio

                  Mortgage Investing with CMI

                  CMI investors can earn anywhere between 6% and 16% annually on their investments – considerably higher than the average yield of traditional fixed-income securities.

                  At CMI, we offer tailored investment opportunities based on each investor’s customized investment profile. We create a portfolio that matches your capital profile and risk tolerance, diversifies your holdings and customizes your yield target, location preference and loan type.

                  Regional Highlights

                  Regional Highlights

                  Ontario continues to offer mortgage investors a source of growth. The Greater Toronto Area, the National Capital Region, is one of Canada’s most desirable housing markets due to its strong local economy, steady population growth and highly valued neighbourhoods. As the centre for the financial, tech and many industries, Toronto’s housing market provides a haven during periods of economic or financial uncertainty. Optimism surrounding Toronto real estate continues to grow as more buyers gravitate to the region for abundant career opportunities, a strong schooling and University network and vibrant multicultural communities.

                  Investing in Alberta’s mortgage market offers many opportunities for investors looking to generate steady returns in some of Canada’s most desirable cities. Calgary and Edmonton rank among the world’s most livable cities and are home to diverse local economies, strong population growth and a lower cost of living relative to other major metropolitan regions. A return to economic strength in the coming years is expected to boost Alberta’s housing market, including demand for private mortgages.

                  British Columbia offers mortgage investors a tremendous growth opportunity. The Greater Vancouver Area continues to be one of Canada’s most desirable housing markets due to its strong local economy, rapid population growth and highly valued neighbourhoods. The provincial capital of Victoria offers many of the same benefits, with homebuyers flocking the region for its amenities and lifestyle options.

                  Factors fuelling Canada’s booming real estate market have been a catalyst for remarkable growth in Quebec’s housing market, giving rise to attractive opportunities for mortgage investors. Across the province, demand for residential properties has been steadily rising. Quebec set an all-time sales record in Q1 of 2021, with the sharp increase in transactions attributed mainly to the sale of plexes and condominiums across the province.

                  Refinance activity is further driving the home finance market as individuals direct money planned for vacation or leisure to purchase new properties or upgrade their existing homes.

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                  Investing in our mortgage investments program is easier than you think

                  At CMI Mortgage Investments, we focus on maximizing results for our investors while making mortgage investing easy, safer and worry-free. That’s why we’ve developed a simple eight-step process that guides you through the journey of investing in our mortgage investments program.

                  • 1Request a consultation with one of our experienced Investment Managers.
                  • 2Set up an account and create your investor profile (Know Your Client – KYC Form).
                  • 3Wait for us to contact you with a mortgage investment opportunity personalized to your needs. You’ll have 4-6 hours to review/accept the opportunity before it’s then shared with other potential investors.
                  • 4When you see an investment that you’re interested in, sign the documentation to accept it.
                  • 5Fund your investment.
                  • 6Once the deal closes and the legal process is complete, you will receive a reporting package.
                  • 7Benefit from a steady stream of interest payments.
                  • 860-days prior to maturity, our renewal team will review the mortgage to determine whether or not to renew it (for the majority of our mortgage investments, we recommend a renewal).

                  If you’ve ever thought about investing in a private mortgage, now’s the time to find out more. Contact one of our experienced Investment Managers today.

                  Is a mortgage investment program right for you?

                  Investing in mortgages is a proven way to hedge against traditional market cycles while adding appreciable returns and asset diversification to your portfolio. These investments are backed by the real estate itself along with the mortgage collateral security, helping to further reduce the risk of the underlying asset.

                  The properties we finance are professionally appraised and our borrowers undergo an extensive qualification process. Our mortgages are especially attractive to high-net worth investors who are looking to diversify their investment portfolios away from traditional asset classes with their instability, volatility and continuing low yields on fixed income products.

                  CMI Mortgage Investments Program requires a larger cash outlay simply because you’re funding the entire mortgage transaction for a given borrower. As a result, this type of investment is best suited to higher net-worth investors who have a larger amount of liquid financial assets, anywhere from $500,000 – $1,000,000 and who meet the qualifications of Accredited Investor status.

                  The CMI Difference

                  We strive for excellence and pride ourselves in developing long-term relationships with our investors, many of whom have completed multiple investments with us over the years and reaped the rewards of mortgage investing. Our top priority is to make sure we provide you with the right investment opportunities that match your risk tolerance and investment objectives, and which also deliver higher yields for your portfolio.

                  Discover the many advantages of working with Canada’s fasted growing mortgage investments’ provider.

                  Save time and minimize the hassle.

                  We will do all the work for you, including sourcing, underwriting and then delivering mortgage investment opportunities directly to you. All you need to do is review the package you receive and decide if it’s a fit for your investment objectives and risk tolerance.

                  Rigorous due diligence process.

                  Each investment opportunity we create is carefully scrutinized, undergoing a thorough review and underwriting process to safeguard your investments. Property valuations are provided by a select group of highly-qualified professional appraisers, who ensure the values they provide are accurate, conservative and unbiased.

                  Professionally managed.

                  Our experienced in-house mortgage servicing team is responsible for all facets of the management of the mortgage asset. They will monitor your mortgage investment to ensure that it remains in good standing, relieving you of the burden and effort of managing it yourself.

                  Exceptional service.

                  Your Investment Manager will look for deals that fit your unique investor profile and will share them with you as soon as they become available. Once you’ve decided to invest, they’ll guide you through the process of completing your investment and be there to answer any questions you may have.
                  Monthly income stream. Enjoy the regular cash flow that comes from the monthly payments provided by the borrower.

                  High volume with a variety of investment opportunities.

                  Our corporate strength and national presence give us access to a large volume and wide variety of high-quality mortgage investment opportunities - at all levels of risk, return, location, amount and duration. This allows us to provide our investors with the widest array of mortgage investment opportunities possible from across Canada.

                  At CMI, we offer tailored investment opportunities based on each investor’s customized investment profile. We create a portfolio that matches your capital profile and risk tolerance, diversifies your holdings and customizes your yield target, location preference and loan type.

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