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                  Let CMI work for you 
and your clients

                  Over $1 billion in Mortgage Investments
                  6% to 14% Annualized Return
                  936 Active Mortgages
                  67% Average 

                  CMI Mortgage Investments has been offering mortgage investment solutions long before alternative assets became popular. We’ve helped high net-worth investors generate competitive returns for their portfolios in the lucrative mortgage and real estate markets for over a decade.

                  We can work directly with you and your team to provide your clients with the personalized investment solutions that will meet their unique investment needs. Our knowledgeable Investment Managers would be pleased to walk you through our unique Mortgage Matching Process and broader investment processes and answer any questions you may have.

                  The case for mortgage investments

                  They have a place in every portfolio

                  For today’s investors, a successful investment strategy isn’t just one that just generates a reasonable rate of return. Factors such as capital preservation, an optimized diversification strategy and proper risk mitigation are equally important when navigating increasingly complex and volatile financial markets.

                  The CMI Mortgage Investments Program caters to sophisticated high net-worth investors looking for higher yield opportunities without having to take on excessive risk or leverage. In fact, one of the key benefits of mortgage investing has been that they’ve historically outperformed traditional fixed income securities while also prioritizing capital preservation.

                  CM Mortgage Investments

                  The best of fixed income without added risk

                  Traditional fixed income portfolios have proven ineffective at generating sufficient yield in today’s low interest rate environment.

                  Investing in mortgages has the potential to significantly enhance investment returns without significantly increasing your risk. It’s this compelling risk-return trade-off, coupled with the inherent benefit of mortgage collateral security, which makes mortgage investing such an integral part of any investment portfolio.

                  CMI is committed to educating investment professionals and your high net-worth clients on the merits of mortgage investing, providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision. Our Resource Centre has several helpful tools and resources that can assist you in talking to your clients about the many benefits of mortgage investing.

                  The case for mortgage investing

                  You clearly have options when it comes to how you allocate your client’s capital. For the fixed income portion of their portfolios, mortgage investments can provide considerably higher yields than traditional offerings like government and corporate bonds and Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs).

                  These traditional fixed income investments can generate much lower rates of return in today’s environment of lower interest rates, dovish monetary policy and economic uncertainty. The table below outlines the current average rates of return for several of these popular fixed income investments.

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                  • Investment Type Average Annual Return
                  • 5-Year GIC 1-2%*
                  • Canada 10-Year Government Bond 1-2%*
                  • FTSE Short Term Bond Index XX%*
                  • CMI Mortgage Investments 6-14%

                  * Source: 10-year government bond: 5-year GIC:

                  Customized, personalized approach to mortgage investing

                  CMI can provide your clients with a diversified selection of mortgages to choose from based on their investment objectives and risk profile. We offer a comprehensive program that is actively managed by a dedicated team of Investment Managers, enabling your clients to enjoy this truly passive, seamless investment program.

                  Every mortgage investment that is presented to your clients has gone through our rigorous and transparent due diligence process. We then match each of these investments to the investor profile and risk tolerance that best aligns with the characteristics of the mortgage asset. This creates a tailor-made investment solution customized to the target yield, capital requirements, geographic preferences, mortgage type and risk profile of each individual investor.

                  Learn more about CMI Mortgage Investments’ unique Mortgage Matching Process, and how it delivers personalized investment opportunities directly to your client’s inbox.

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                  Download a copy of our CMI Mortgage Investments Program brochure, which provides an overview of this entire program, how it works and how your clients can benefit from it.

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