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The Ice Storm, and how You can Help

3 January 2014

It seems as though for weeks now, those in Quebec, southern and eastern Ontario, and right here in the GTA, have been battling with not only an ice storm, but also the after-effects of it. So what does this have to do with you? Well, whether you’re battling the ice storm yourself, or just hearing about it on the nightly news, as a private investor, this could be your chance to help.

We’ve already told you about the floods in Calgary, and how you can help by investing in a private mortgage taken out by homeowners in this western province to help them deal with the aftermath of them. Now,with damage also occurring to properties all across Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes, you can help more homeowners, and make a nice little cash profit yourself.

The problem for the homeowners is that they’ve been left to deal with many different expenses due to the ice storm. And those damages aren’t always covered by their home insurance. These include things such as damage to their property, either from a tree on their own yard or a neighbour’s; unexpected costs from having to stay at a hotel while their home was cold and unlivable; and even run-up costs from having fridges and freezers full of food going to waste simply because there was no way to keep them cold during the power outages.

All of these are costs that can be huge for anyone, and when you add in the fact that these costs came right at Christmastime, it can make the picture look even worse for the homeowners. And that’s where you can come in to help.

As we said, these costs aren’t always covered by home insurance policies, and that leaves many homeowners hoping that they can get a home renovation loan in order to make up for those costs. The problem is, getting these types of loans is becoming more and more difficult for the typical homeowner, and they’ll soon find that they’re turned away by banks and major financial institutions. But they won’t be turned down by you.

Simply tell your mortgage broker that you’d like to help these homeowners, and they’ll have an entire list of homeowners looking for financing after the storm. Even more, they’ll know about those homeowners that are likely going to get turned down for a loan, and that list of “if something comes up” – the homeowners that aren’t even going to try to get a traditional mortgage with a major institution, and are just hoping that a miracle comes their way to help.

You could be just that, and start helping people get back on their feet after a storm that came at the very worst time. Simply invest in a private mortgage for homeowners looking for home renovation homes, be the help that’s so desperately needed by many, and make a nice little return for yourself on the side!

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