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The Benefits of Using Your RRSPs to Invest in Private Mortgages

8 February 2013

As most investors know, you can use your RRSPs to invest in many things. Using them to invest in RRSPs though is one way that very savvy investors find to make the most of their cash, while simultaneously bringing these other benefits too:

Large tax returns
This is the one that most investors are concerned about this time of year, as investing your RRSPs in private mortgages can bring huge tax savings and refunds. Because any money you put into your RRSP won’t be taxed for that year, you can be making a return while taking advantage of an opportunistic tax shelter, too.

High returns
Something that any investor can appreciate any time of the year – when your money not only works for you, but works very, very hard. Before the recession private mortgages provided a better return than stocks and mutual funds, but afterwards there’s no question where the safe money is.

While investment advisers will be available throughout the life of your investment, you will still have complete control as to where your money goes. If you want to choose higher-risk mortgages and get a higher yield, you can. If you prefer to play it safe and choose medium to low risk mortgages for average returns, you can do that too.

Retirement planning
Which stock of mutual fund currently in your portfolio will allow you to make secure plans for your retirement, while still putting your money to work? Investing in an RRSP mortgage.

Reliable investment terms
Choose one-year or five-year terms, it’s up to you. But whichever you choose, you’ll always know exactly when you can expect to get your investment back, as well as the accrued interest that goes along with it.

Security in investing
What are you going to do if that stock you just invested in suddenly goes bust tomorrow? Or if that mutual fund strategy falls apart? With these types of investments the risk is so high because if they fall through, you’re left with absolutely nothing but a hard lesson learned. When you choose to invest your RRSPsi n private mortgages on the other hand, your investment is secured by an actual piece of property. If you don’t get your money back, you’ll get that property instead.

Turn key investments
If you choose,  you’ll be able to find self-serve private mortgage options that will give you full control and management over that portion of your portfolio. If you just want to put your money somewhere and leave it for a little while though, turnkey or managed options are also available.

During RRSP season, you’ll hear a number of good things to do with your RRSPs. If you’re looking for an alternative investment though – and one that provides maximum returns to boot – using these funds to invest in private mortgages is just about the smartest move you can make.

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