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Starting a Private Lending Business in Toronto

5 July 2012

Starting a private mortgage lending business in Toronto is easy, if you have the background, skills, and necessary funds to accomplish it. As more banks continue to tighten their mortgage lending practices, and more rules from Ottawa continue to put pressure on those practices, private mortgage lending is becoming a better option for homebuyers who need to finance a home, and for homeowners who are looking to finance and renew. This in turn, has created a huge surge in private lending in Toronto. But, just how do you start a private lending business in Toronto?


In Toronto and the rest of Canada, not all lenders need to be recognized as official lending institutions such as a bank or a trust company. Because of this, starting a private lending business in Toronto can be very easy. All that you really need are the right amount of funds, and the right promotion techniques.


Of course, if you’re going to start a private lending business in Toronto, you’ll need a sufficient amount of funds in order to loan people large amounts of money. If you’re in the private mortgage lending business, you’ll likely needs hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars in capital just to be able to fund the private mortgages that you lend.


As a private lender, you will also need to determine what interest rate you will charge on your loans. You will likely have different rates for different loans, especially if you’re lending private mortgages, and they will most likely change on a fairly regular business. However, you may want to speak to a mortgage professional, or study the current rates very well, before you decide on the interest rate that you will charge.


Once you’ve determined what the fundamentals of your private lending business in Toronto will be, you then just need to begin advertising your services. Private lenders in Toronto, unlike the major banks and financial institutions, aren’t known for advertising their services too publicly. And if you do, you could end up wasting your time with those who are either completely unqualified for a loan, or aren’t really serious about obtaining one. And in order to market your services properly, you should speak to as many Toronto mortgage brokers as possible.


Mortgage brokers are your best resource when starting a private lending business in Toronto because they work directly with your customers, and they are the first to meet them. They can promote your services and find you qualified borrowers that will get your private lending business off and running!

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