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Should You be Concerned if Your Financial Advisor Doesn’t Offer Investing in Mortgages?

15 March 2013

Investors aren’t known for taking the advice of their financial advisors lightly. They are after all, experts and professionals in the thick of the industry, and there’s a lot of weight attached to their words for a very good reason. Unfortunately for investors, this thinking is a double-edged sword. While it’s certainly a smart way to use your money, especially if you know and trust your advisor, they can sometimes leave out some very good investment opportunities, even if it’s through no negligence on their part.

The reason for this is because financial advisors don’t always have access to all financial products available for investment purposes. While they’ll be able to manage your RRSPs for you, and put your money in certain stocks, or sell them when they believe it’s time, they are limited in the choices they can offer for your portfolio. One of those limits is investing in private mortgages, something advisors simply can’t help you do. Because of that, they may not often mention these as one of the soundest and safest investment vehicles. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek out the opportunity to invest in them.

The question of course becomes, where do you find them?

Typically mortgage brokers are your best bet for investing in mortgages. Not only do they work with clients every day who are looking for a private mortgage after being turned down by the bank; but they can also often supply the mortgages for investment purposes. The broker will underwrite the mortgage and asses the borrower’s qualification status before presenting you with a package of mortgages that you may be interested in.

Many investors live and die by the council given to them by their financial advisors, and that can be a very savvy way to invest. But just because your advisor isn’t presenting certain investment options, such as investing in mortgages, doesn’t mean that they’re not available – or that they won’t bring you the best returns when compared with any other type of investment you have!

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