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Private Mortgage Lending in Sudbury Becoming the Preferred Choice

22 August 2012


Canadian investors are becoming wary of many markets. Low interest rates, while good for homebuyers and homeowners, give RSP and RRIF funds disappointing returns. Fatigue is setting in on the stock market as well, with investors losing as much as 87% in RIM shares in the last year alone. So where are they to turn? To private mortgage lending in Sudbury – the safest and most secure investment there is today.


When you invest in private mortgage lending, you provide a loan in the form of a second mortgage or a private mortgage, secured by equity in the home. It’s this fact, the fact that your loan is secured by an asset that could be worth much more than the actual loan that makes private mortgage lending in Sudbury such an attractive one.


Mortgage lending and investing can sound intimidating at first; thinking that you’re going to be up against the big banks in Canada competing for business. While you will essentially be doing just that, there are investment and lending corporations available to work as a middle man between you and the borrower. These professionals already have a host of borrowers they know, just waiting for someone to give them a private mortgage. This means that, not only will you be investing in something that’s extremely secure; you also won’t have to wait very long to see a return on that investment.


If you have multiple investments already, these can typically be tapped into when needing a source of capital for those just starting out in private mortgage lending. Shares can be cashed in, and although many investors aren’t aware of it, RSP and RRIF funds can also be used as investment capital when entering the private lending market. And, it can also be a great time to put those funds, that currently aren’t giving you any returns, to proper use.


Private mortgage lending in Sudbury is quickly becoming the preferred choice for investors, and it’s not difficult to see why. With such sound investments that have such quick returns, and that you can utilize other professionals to arrange, private mortgage lending is undoubtedly one of the best investments that you could make. When you’re just starting out, begin with small investments that are backed with a lot of equity before moving your way up, or taking on more risk than necessary.

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