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Now is the Time to get Your RRSP’s Ready!

10 January 2014

It’s a new year. And now that all the talk of Christmas presents and New Year’s partying, eating, and shopping are over, it’s time to get down to business. When you’re in the middle of January, and you’re an investor, that means one thing. It’s time to talk RRSPs. And more importantly, what they can do for you.

We’ve already talked a lot on this blog about your RRSPs, and how they can help you invest in private mortgages. We’ve told you about how much you can contribute to your RRSPs, what kind of RRSP you need to use in order to do so, and how you need to partner with a great broker that’s experienced in this type of investing and that will take the legwork out of it for you. Now, we’re here simply to tell you that the time is coming, and you need to start bulking up that RRSP if you want to invest.

This year, like most, the RRSP deadline is March 1, which means you only have a matter of seven weeks to get the ball rolling, or just roll it further along if you already have a nice little chunk of change sitting in your RRSP and just waiting to be invested. You’ll want to get as much in there as possible, so that you’ll have even more money to invest in a private mortgage and get an even bigger return on that cash. But of course, there’s another – perhaps more obvious – reason that you want to get that money into your RRSP now. That’s because, as long as you’re not already over your contribution limit, that’s money that cannot be taken into consideration by the tax man come April 30. And making sure you do this will take one more stress out of your investing experience.

Don’t wait another minute. Get all those contributions into your RRSP as soon as you can and then, if you haven’t already, contact a qualified mortgage broker that’s experienced in helping investors back private mortgages and see some of the biggest returns in the investment marketplace today. And, did we mention that investing in real estate is still the most stable type of investment you can make? RRSPs can help you do it, so make sure yours is all ready to go this investing year.

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