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How CMI Gives Back

2 November 2021


For nearly two decades, CMI Financial Group (CMI) has been fortunate to serve the community as a trusted non-bank financial services provider. Along the way, we’ve supported dozens of organizations whose mandates align with our vision for corporate, environmental and social responsibility. Philanthropy has always been an important pillar of CMI’s corporate culture, with CEO Bryan Jaskolka being the driving force behind many of our charitable initiatives and programs. We play a significant role in building communities, and we have an equally significant responsibility to support them. We are proud to support many charitable organizations that work tirelessly to help strengthen our communities and aid those in need. 


CMI Gives Back

While CMI has a long history of charitable giving, the COVID-19 pandemic created a heightened need to support our vulnerable communities during one of the most difficult periods in recent memory. COVID-19 resulted in the longest public shutdown in our nation’s history, which affected millions of people. During the pandemic, we became more active in supporting our front-line workers and other organizations who provided essential services, such as Feed the Frontliners, Black Health Alliance, Women’s Health in Women’s Hands Community Centre, and the Canadian Mental Health Association. 


We’re proud to have sponsored over 2,000 meals for those in need by contributing to Food Banks Canada. In May, we donated to Feed the Frontlines, providing meals to doctors, nurses and other health workers as they worked overtime to treat patients and keep our most vulnerable safe. In November, when a food bank delivery vehicle was vandalized, we stepped in to pay for the repairs to ensure the organization was able to keep bringing hope and food to those in need. 


This past Canada Day, CMI made a special donation to the Legacy of Hope Foundation to commemorate the unmarked graves of hundreds of Indigenous children who perished at residential schools in Canada. Legacy of Hope Foundation is an Indigenous-led, charitable organization that is promoting healing and reconciliation in Canada. Its main focus is to provide training and resources to schools, workplaces and the public to better communicate the collective pain of Indigenous communities – and to move forward with positive action. We are proud to support this organization and hope to set a positive example for aiding this important cause.


Our commitment to supporting social causes is also reflected in work culture. Each month, we review ways in which we can support our community and make a positive impact. Beyond the financial contributions, we also give our employees paid days off to engage in volunteer and charitable activities, as well as maintain an ecologically responsible, nearly paperless business environment. Our organization is dedicated to promoting inclusivity, diversity, and equity within CMI, working to foster a culture of accessibility, acceptance and growth for employees.


Some Organizations We’ve Supported

Over the past several years, CMI is proud to have contributed to the following organizations:

  • Food Banks Canada
  • Angels in the Night
  • Legacy of Hope Foundation
  • Operation Raise the Flag – Sunnybrook Veterans Centre
  • Kids Help Phone
  • Ontario Feeds
  • Feed the Frontlines
  • Food Bank of York Region
  • Canadian Mental Health Association
  • Black Health Alliance
  • Women’s Health in Women’s Hands


Are you looking for a corporate sponsor to support your non-profit or philanthropic organization? CMI is always looking to support good causes. Please direct all inquiries to . Contact us today. 

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