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CMI Value Add: What should your investment manager do for you?

31 August 2021

Investing in private mortgages is becoming the go-to strategy for savvy investors seeking to build and protect their wealth. While the private mortgage market can be complex, especially for investors who don’t have a background in mortgage underwriting and administration, working with an investment manager that can oversee the entire process offers considerable advantages.

With nearly two decades of experience, CMI Financial Group is Canada’s premier private mortgage lender. We offer private mortgage investors a comprehensive full-service program designed to save time and money while maximizing the investment value of capital.

CMI has set the standard for what mortgage investors should expect from their private lender.

Turnkey mortgage-lending program

Although private mortgages have become a highly lucrative opportunity, constructing a portfolio that factors risk, location and loan type and then seeks to manage the entire process is a daunting task for the individual investor.

CMI’s mortgage-servicing program provides turnkey mortgage lending and investment opportunities with dedicated and experienced staff managing the entire process on behalf of investors. Everything from deal origination to loan servicing and problem resolution are handled with stringent administrative oversight by our dedicated staff. For investors, this means a truly seamless and hands-free investment experience.

CMI is also responsible for assessing every mortgage for its renewal potential and pursuing enforcement action, where required. Investors who participate in CMI’s private mortgage programs never have to be involved with the day-to-day operations but can instead allocate their capital to begin receiving passive income.

Asset-backed competitive returns

Private lenders must be carefully assessed for their ability to generate positive returns for their investors. Although past performance does not guarantee future success, private lenders with a proven track record are much more likely to meet the investment targets of their clients.

CMI has for years produced above-average yield for investors across our whole loan and Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) programs. Since inception, both have generated annualized returns that are in-line with their investment objectives and specific yield targets. These investment programs provide direct exposure to residential real estate markets across Canada without the hassles associated with property ownership.

Our private mortgage portfolios have also performed exceptionally well compared with other fixed-income securities, including Government of Canada bonds and corporate debt. The relative yield decline with traditional fixed-income securities continues to be a major factor driving the ascension of mortgages as one of Canada’s fastest growing alternative investments.

A portfolio that matches your profile

Risk tolerance is one of the most important considerations of successful investing. Investors who know their risk profile and invest within it are much more likely to succeed in the long term. This duly applies to private mortgage investing.

When onboarding new clients, CMI undertakes a rigorous assessment of each investor’s capital profile and risk tolerance. Our team of mortgage professionals uses this information to create portfolios that match each investor’s profile, diversifies their holdings and customizes their yield target, location preference and loan type. Each investor who signs up with CMI is presented with a tailored investment opportunity based on their goals and investment horizon.

Since inception, CMI Financial Group has made nearly $800million in successful mortgage placements. In the process, we’ve become one of Canada’s most trusted and fastest-growing mortgage lenders. If you’re looking to diversify your investment portfolio with private mortgages, we invite you to contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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