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7 October 2020

This Thanksgiving CMI Is thankful for you, our investors.

This Thanksgiving, we at CMI have much to be thankful for. This year marks our 15th year in business, which would not have been possible without your continuous support over the years. Some investors have been with us since inception and have believed in us right from our very humble beginnings.

It is with your trust and support that we have been able to grow and build our business while earning a reputation as one of the leaders in the industry. We have since grown to become Canada’s premier and fastest growing private lender.  Indeed, we are the only one listed on the prestigious Globe and Mail’s Top Growing Companies 2020, where we ranked 173rd. You can see the full list here.

Canadian Mortgages Inc Canada's Top Growing Companies 2020


This year we are also thankful to you, our investors for sticking by us and trusting us through a rather difficult and tumultuous year. It is thanks to you that while other lenders struggled, we continued to expand. When the pandemic first hit, uncertainty engulfed the market, and many investors rushed to liquidate their mortgage and MIC investments at other firms.  As a result, many MICs and other private lenders responded by terminating cash withdrawals to stay afloat or went out of business. We are grateful this wasn’t us.

You have had faith in us and our expert team during this turbulent period, and for that, we are most thankful. By focusing on Integrity, service Excellence and delivering tangible Results, CMI has worked to earn your business, in good times and in bad.  It’s this mutual respect that has made us successful.
We continue to work together to help our community and our borrowers. Many of you, in our whole loan investment program, understood the challenges borrowers were facing and gave them the time they needed to repay their deferred payments.

Together we gave many borrowers hope and helped them stay afloat through these troubling times. For this, we say thank you, as do they. This has resulted in increased market share for us and increased returns for you, as mortgage brokers appreciated our compassion.

So, thanks again to you, our loyal investors for your continued trust and support. Our strong relationship will enable all of us to prosper in the months and years to come.

From our family to yours, have a Happy, Healthy and Safe Thanksgiving!

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