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Market Research

1 February 2019


Our investment research goes beyond simply qualifying each individual investment deal. Our extended efforts to understand the industry and its underlying fundamentals focus on framing the investment opportunity for value creation through deep market analysis. We employ a thorough due diligence process to identify opportunities and risks, ultimately adding value to our partners seeking informed deal decisions.

At CMI, we believe that due diligence is both an art and a science. We spend a considerable amount of time identifying investment opportunities that meet our rigorous standards. We then spend even more time trying to determine the “story behind the numbers” and whether the opportunity fits our growing portfolio.

CMI’s team conduct research regularly on a wide variety of topics relevant to real estate investors including:

  • Articles describing market trends, educational content, market insights among many other topics
  • City research reports evaluating fundamental and technical aspects of the market

We share many of these resources in hopes of educating our members towards a path of financial freedom through passive real estate investing.

Market Research Tips

When evaluating a real estate investment fund it is important to review the specific housing markets, types of mortgages and asset classes (ie. single-family, multi-family, residential, commercial) that make up the investment. An investor would then use their marketing findings to evaluate the MIC’s lending policies against their own appetite for risk and reward.

Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)

The free housing portal is packed with invaluable resources covering every corner of the real estate industry. Housing data is regularly updated and thoroughly analyzed by leading real estate analysts. The Housing Market Information section of their website includes datasets and reports that cover a wide array of macro fundamentals as well as providing market insights on a granular level.

Statistics Canada

Statistics Canada has a vast amount of information not only on housing but also includes data on many macroeconomic fundamentals including employment, consumer spending and household formation. Additional data real estate data can also be found spanning various housing fundamentals including construction, rent growth and occupancy levels.

CMI Open Research

Building permits, housing starts, housing absorptions, housing under construction and numerous other data sets are all readily available but navigating these online sources is not for the faint of heart. Collating the various sources in order to have a fair apples to apples comparison is the next step. Thankfully, we have completed this rigorous process of data mining, underwent the data analysis and formed our research reports covering many major city centres across Canada for our members’ benefit.

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