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                  Become A Private Mortgage Lender In Canada

                  With more than $1Billion in successful mortgage placements, CMI Mortgage Investments is one of Canada’s fastest-growing non-bank financial services providers. Our industry-leading whole mortgage investment program provides direct exposure to Canada’s residential mortgage market.

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                  Learn How Private Lending Opportunities Can Help Diversify Your Investment Portfolio

                  As more buyers turn to private lenders to secure their residential mortgages, there has never been a better time to become a private lender in Canada.

                  CMI provides investors with private lending opportunities in key residential real estate markets across Canada. We target Canadian centres with strong economic fundamentals and employ an extensive and rigorous mortgage qualification process. We get to know our investors and present you with Canadian real estate investment opportunities that best suit your profile.


                  At CMI, we offer a uniquely personalized and high-touch investment experience. A dedicated Investment Account Manager works with each investor to build a customized deal profile, which allows them to tailor opportunities to each investor’s specific needs and preferences. Our program includes full-service loan administration, ensuring a seamless and hands-free investment experience.


                  We offer you the ability to create a diversified portfolio of mortgages backed by real property in a range of strong, stable real estate markets across Canada. With the flexibility to invest in a specific regional market or to diversify across regions, we work with you to build a customized portfolio.


                  We are exacting when qualifying investment opportunities against our rigorous lending standards, and we thoroughly analyze the regional market and its underlying fundamentals for each investment opportunity we present to you.


                  With more than $1Billion in successful mortgage placements, we are one of Canada’s fastest-growing non-bank financial services providers. With a reputation for transparency and a consistent track record of success, we offer secure and consistent dividends sought by discerning investors.

                  Investing In Mortgages

                  The Opportunity


                  CMI investors can earn anywhere between 6% and 16% annually on their mortgage investments – considerably higher than the average yield of traditional fixed-income securities. Our goal is to maximize your returns based on your investment goals and preferences.


                  Your mortgage lending investment is backed by the borrower’s property, and steady, reliable monthly income is generated when the borrower makes their mortgage payments.


                  Mortgage investments are uncorrelated with public markets and provide a compelling opportunity for investors looking to add return potential to their portfolio without assuming additional risk

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                  Regional Highlights

                  British Columbia

                  With real estate a key economic driver for the province, British Columbia offers mortgage investors a compelling growth opportunity. The Greater Vancouver Area continues to be one of Canada’s most desirable housing markets due to its strong local economy, rapid population growth and highly valued neighbourhoods. The provincial capital of Victoria offers many of the same benefits, with homebuyers flocking to the region for its amenities and lifestyle options. Like many urban markets across the country, the city is focused on the development of all types of housing to meet demand, particularly given the outlook for strong population growth. While home sales and prices have dropped from the market’s February 2022 peak, there are early signs the market is stabilizing and set to rebound.


                  Ontario continues to offer mortgage investors a source of growth. Ottawa, the National Capital Region, is one of Canada’s most desirable housing markets due to its strong local economy, steady population growth and highly valued neighbourhoods. As the centre for government jobs, Ottawa’s housing market provides a haven during periods of economic or financial uncertainty. Optimism surrounding Ottawa real estate continues to grow as more buyers gravitate to the region from larger cities to secure more space and amenities.


                  Investing in Alberta’s mortgage market offers many opportunities for investors looking to generate steady returns in some of Canada’s most desirable cities. Calgary and Edmonton rank among the world’s most livable cities and are home to diverse local economies, strong population growth and a lower cost of living relative to other major metropolitan regions. A return to economic strength in the coming years is expected to boost Alberta’s housing market, including demand for private mortgages.

                  Mortgage Investments

                  Annual Return

                  Average LTV

                  Become a Private Lender with CMI

                  Private lending represents one of the biggest investment opportunities in Canada. At CMI, we have successfully made over $700 million in mortgage placements across the country. Our dedicated team manages a portfolio of over 1,000 active mortgages targeting annual returns of between 6% and 16%.

                  Private lending opportunities with CMI:

                  • Higher returns than traditional fixed-income securities

                  • Income security and stability

                  • Backed by real property

                  Couple that have become a private lender with CMI

                  To ensure a seamless, turnkey experience, our diverse team of experts work as part of an integrated platform to manage your investment from origination to discharge.

                  The CMI Difference

                  At CMI, we offer safe investment options with the right risk-reward ratio through our “matching system” so we know what loan opportunities work best for our investors.

                  To ensure you reach your goals, our mortgage team has designated roles that function as one. Each department works as part of an integrated platform ensuring a seamless experience where expertise operates in an effective coordinate manner.


                  Evaluate, review and underwrite the risk of the loans.

                  Investment Directors

                  Inspect and assign loans to the appropriate investor.

                  Fulfillment Staff

                  Ensure smooth closing of deals.

                  Compliance Staff

                  Ensure that everything is in proper order.

                  Legal Team

                  Provide reporting packages along with necessary documentation on closing.

                  Targeted annual returns of 6-16%

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